Screen Saver Preferences

You can set the background music for your screen saver and also set the its style on the Screen Saver preferences tab.

Screen saver style

Select one of the following screen saver styles from the drop down menu:

  • Fading: adds a fade in and fade out effect between the photos in your screen saver.
  • Motion: adds pan and zoom effects to make your screen saver more engaging with the appearance of motion.
  • Cell: displays your pictures in a creative, movie like slideshow, complete with credits. If you choose to include background music, CyberLink MediaShow uses the Magic Slideshow technology to display the photos dynamically along to the beat of the music.
  • Change Slideshow Opening: if you selected the cell screen saver style, click this button to enter a title and the name of the screen saver author.

Background music

  • Play music during screen saver (WMA/MP3): select this option to enable background music during the playback of a screen saver.

Select folder or audio file for background music

  • Select an audio file or the folder that contains the music, in the WMA or MP3 format, you want to use in the screen saver. Select a folder if you want multiple songs in the screen saver.

Screen Saver Preferences