Create Disc Settings

Before you burn a disc, be sure to configure the disc settings. To do this, click on Settings in the Create Disc window and then configure the settings as follows:

Disc Selection

  • Optical drive: select the burning device from the drop down menu that you want to use to burn your disc.
  • TV format: select the TV format (NTSC or PAL) of the video that is burned to the disc. This format should correspond with the region in which you plan to play the disc.
  • Audio format: select the desired audio encoding for your outputted disc’s audio.
  • Aspect ratio: set the aspect ratio for the video. For DVDs you may select between 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Quality: select the video quality of disc’s video. The video quality settings offer different bit rates, resulting in files of different sizes. The higher the quality of the video, the larger the resulting file and the shorter the length of video that can fit onto a disc.
  • Disc capacity: displays the available space on the disc currently inserted in the selected optical drive (burning device).


  • Display TV safe zone in the Preview window: select to display a box that indicates an area that will fit on most TVs, when previewing your completed disc. Utilizing this feature ensures that menu items are within the display range of most TVs.
  • Burn disc without a menu: select this option to have the video on your disc play automatically when the disc is inserted into a disc player.
  • Auto menu timeout: select this option for the video on your disc to play automatically after displaying the menu for a short duration.

Create Disc Settings