The tray is a convenient little area that lets you temporarily hold media you want to add to an album, play in a slideshow, include on a disc, export to a folder, etc.

When you are browsing through your media, click on a photo or video to display its thumbnail on the tray. If you would like to hold it on the tray for future use, click on MediaShow holdint5 Tray . The item is held on the tray until you select it and click on the MediaShow removef6 Tray button.

Once you are holding all the media on the tray that you want to use, select the MediaShow tray ad7 Tray button to add the media files to an album or export them to a folder on your hard drive.

MediaShow note Tray

Note: the media files being held on the tray are automatically included or delivered for you when you enter the edit window, create a slideshow, create a disc, etc.