Media Window

The media window contains thumbnails of all the media imported into your CyberLink MediaShow library. You can dynamically resize the thumbnails in the media window by:

  • using the thumbnail slider in the bottom right corner of the window.
    MediaShow tn slid2 Media Window
  • clicking on the View tab, selecting the Thumbnails button, and then select the desired thumbnail size.

Searching for Media

If you cannot find a specific media file or folder in the media window, use the search functions to assist in your search.

To search for photos with people in them:

  1. Select the MediaShow persons3 Media Window button.
  2. Enter the name of the person you are searching for and/or select them from the list.
  3. Select OK to filter the results and display any photos with this person in them.

To search for media using search tags, folder names, etc.:

  1. Enter in a search keyword in the search field located in the top right of the program window.
    MediaShow search4 Media Window
  2. CyberLink MediaShow filters the media files within the media window based on the keyword

Select Cancel Search to return the media window to the regular view and display all of your media content.

Media Window