Tagging Faces

CyberLink MediaShow lets you tag all of the faces of your friends and family in your photos. You can manually tag the faces in each photo, or have CyberLink MediaShow auto detect and tag the faces for you.

Once the faces are tagged, the photos are then categorized in the people section of the library.

Auto Tagging Faces

CyberLink MediaShow uses face recognition to auto detect and tag faces in your photos. To have CyberLink MediaShow auto scan a group of photos for faces, do this:

  1. On the Home tab, select Tag Faces.
  2. Select which photos you want to tag faces in. You can select all of the photos in the library, or a specific group of photos, such as in a folder or those held on the tray.
MediaShow note Tagging Faces

Note: if your computer’s VGA card supports CUDA technology or DirectX 11, and there are enough resources available, select Enable hardware support for face analysis to reduce the time it takes to analyze your photos.

  1. Once you have selected the photos, click Start. CyberLink MediaShow will begin to analyze them for faces.

Organizing Tagged Faces

Once faces are tagged in your photos, CyberLink MediaShow groups similar faces in the Tag Faces window. In this window you can go through each face and associate it with a person in your library, or add a new person. You can also remove any unnecessary tags or skip faces if you want to add them later.

To associate a person to a tagged face:

  • click on Select and then select the person from the list,
  • click on Select and then on New to create and associate a new person in your library.
  • click the button with the name of the suggested person.
  • click Skip to tag the person later.
  • click Remove to remove the tag from the photo. You can also deselect the check box to remove the tag from the photo.
Editing People

In the Tag Faces window, you can also add new people to your library, edit the person’s personal information, and even scan the rest of your media for photos of this person.

To edit people in the Tag Faces window:

  • select MediaShow editpe38 Tagging Faces to edit the person’s personal information and associate a default photo for him or her.
  • select MediaShow delete39 Tagging Faces to remove this person from the library.
  • select MediaShow scanmo40 Tagging Faces to scan the rest of the photos in the library for photos of this person.

Manually Tagging Faces

If CyberLink MediaShow missed faces during the auto scanning process, you can manually tag faces in your photos.

To manually tag faces, do this:

  1. Select an album, folder, search tag, or select and hold all of the photos on the tray.
  2. Click the Edit button on the Home tab.
  3. Select the photo in the thumbnail panel that you want to tag a face in and then select Tag Faces.
  4. Click on Add Tag.
  5. Drag the square to the position in the photo where the face is located.
  6. Resize the square if required and then click on Unknown.
  7. Select an existing person from the list or select New to add a new person to the library.
  8. Repeat the process to tag other faces in the photo. Select Done when you have tagged all the faces in the photo.

Tagging Faces