MediaShow Modules

CyberLink MediaShow has four separate modules that let you perform a variety of tasks.

In the photos module, you can organize, view and edit your photos, create slideshows, screen savers, and more.
In the videos module you can organize, view and edit your videos, create movies, and more.
Create Disc
The create disc module lets you create discs with your media in a variety of formats, complete with stylish menus. Select Disc on the launcher to open this module.
Video Converter*
Within the video converter module, you can quickly convert videos into other file formats. Select Convert on the launcher to open this module.
MediaShow note MediaShow Modules

Note: * optional feature in CyberLink MediaShow. Check the readme file for detailed versioning information.

To open a specific module, select it from within the launcher window.

MediaShow launcher MediaShow Modules

You can also open certain modules from within different areas inside the program. For example, you can quickly switch between the photos and videos module by selecting the To Photos/Videos button on the Home tab.

MediaShow Modules