Creating Movies

With the Create Movie function, you step into the editing room and create a finished movie with your videos. You can select from a number of pre-designed movie styles, perform trims on video clips and mix in music with your movie.

To create a movie, do this:

  1. Select and then click MediaShow holdin20 Creating Movies to hold (on the Tray) all the videos in your library that you want to include in your movie, click on the Create tab and then on Movie. The Create Movie window displays.
MediaShow note Creating Movies

Note: you may add additional video clips to your movie by clicking on the Add button in the video clip panel.

  1. Customize your movie as follows:
    • Click on Trim to remove any unwanted scenes from your video clips. Use the helpful tips on the user interface for a detailed description on how to use the trim function.
    • Click on Style to select a movie style template that fits your video. Selecting a style template provides pre-designed opening sequences, transitions and effects to automatically generate a professional-looking movie.
    • Click on Mix and then on MediaShow addmusi3 Creating Movies to add background music to your movie. Use the Sound mix slider to set the audio level between the added background music and the video’s original audio.
  2. Click on the Movie button next to the playback controls to generate and preview a version of the finished movie.
MediaShow note Creating Movies

Note: CyberLink MediaShow will generate a new version of the move every time any of the noted functions are changed.

  1. When you are satisfied with your movie, click the Produce Movie button to output a finished version to a video file. Within the Save As window, select the production options for your slideshow video file. See Producing Videos for detailed instructions.
  2. Click on OK to create your slideshow and output it as a movie file. The created movie is added into your video library.

Movie Settings

Movie Settings let you input your movie’s title, set the size of the movie, and more. It is recommended that you set these settings before you produce your final movie.

Select the Settings button within the Create Movie window to configure the settings as follows:

  • Title: input a title for your movie, which is displayed during the opening.
  • Credits 1, Credits 2: input text you want to use as part of your movie’s closing credits, for example your name or date created.
  • Output: select Auto to let CyberLink MediaShow select the size and aspect ratio for the outputted movie file. Select Manual to select the aspect ratio for your movie based on the aspect ratio of the original video clips.

Creating Movies